About Foodmart Agro Engineering

The FOODMART AGRO ENGINEERING is proudly serving the individual business owners, small, mid and mega sized enterprises for more than 15 Year. We are maintaining the legacy as a market player for our best quality capital goods, products, machinery and solutions in 200+ production based industries.

Our extreme commitments is to provide you the best quality machinery and substantively wealth building assets at your door steps. Our innovation, research and other business operations provide concrete solutions for meeting the market needs, demands and requirements to every single customer. Because we follow a beautiful indigenous ritual of "considering Customers as our gods".

We deal in machinery like paper plate making machine, notebook or copy making machine, wire nail making machine, pouch packaging machine, soap & detergent making machines , slipper making machines, Pulverizers, atta chakkis, household and commercial ovens as well. We have numerous variations of models in every single machine according to your needs , demands and pocket size.

We will be glad to serve you sir/madam ! wish you wealth and good luck to your entrepreneurial journey

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Notebook making machine

Notebook Making Machine

Notebook Making machine is a powerful device which is used to revolutionize the production of exact, streamlined and perfect products, with minimal waste. This machine has the automated potential to perform numerous tasks like paper cutting, binding and final finishing as well. It can also produce a variety of products like copy, register notebooks and many more according to needs and demands . The smaller variant of the machine is suitable and efficient for individuals while the larger and advanced variant of this machine will assist in producing high volume and mass production for enterprises.